Portal Management


In addition to trainings and customization, we also develop general-purpose software for mass distribution.These products can be available immediately on demand and evaluated free of charge. If you decide to continue using these products, you can come back later and purchase the registration codes.

When you opt to register these products, you will need to have your DnD serial number(s) handy as all DnD products are licensed. If you intend to use these products on more than one machine, you are required to enter the DnD serial number(s) for each machine in order to get the registration codes to go with them.

Available Products

  • HR Module for all industries/organization
  • University/College Modules — covering all modules like registration, admission, finance, transport, utilities and many more.
  • Hotel Management — from 3 to 7 star hotels.
  • HR Modules for Oil Industries including competency management system.
  • Warehousing Modules for Oil Industries and other organizations.
  • Integrity Management system of critical equipments for Oil Industries — Management of PSV. Tank and Vessel, Filter etc... with online Dashboard.
  • RCA Management System for Oil Industries — Root Cause Analysis reporting system with RCA Online dashboard.
  • HSE Incident Management for Oil Industries — Incident reporting with various report with online safety dashboard.

These products are not currently for sale. They would probably take some additional work if you want to run these in a recent release. For this, you will need to invest some development time. This product is only available as part of an integrated package including setup, training, and support. Contact us for more info....

Our Products Include:

  • ERP
  • Geographic Information System
  • Management Information System
  • Multimedia
  • 3D Animation
  • Web Development
  • Graphics

Portal Development & Transformation

Portal development is not just about design and programming. Our goal is to create Portals which are visually appealing at the same time relevant to your corporate identity, easy to use, and most importantly which makes the visitor revisits the site. A visually attractive web site adds huge value to brand management. No matter what level your web site is, we’ll take it to the next level by providing added value to your company.

Managing Portal – Important than Building

The development of the website doesn’t stop after the launch. Building and launching of the web site is just the beginning. It requires continuous diligent monitoring and it is our most effective service on returns in long term.

Traffic analysis is the important part of Portal. Internet is the place where a company can exploit most of the exposures. Poor analysis of visitors and missing plan for traffic management is the key for weak management of portals. By sending messages to the members on an ongoing basis and other such activities can help build consistent traffic for the website.

Strategic Portal Planning

To plan your website effectively, we need to understand your business objectives, your product portfolio, competitors and their product line. It is also important to understanding your company’s as well as your competitor’s good and bad points.

Internet advents globalization. On the World Wide Web, there is global competition for your products and services. You have to analyze the market on the web platform, know more about your competitors, and be familiar with the portals where you can reach your target audience taking into account your budget.

We need to consider search engines as well as online visitors when developing and organizing content for web sites. The ranking of the website mainly depends upon the search engine optimization. The ROI of web sites which are effectively optimized for search engines are much higher as compared to the non optimized websites. For a web site, the content has to be search engine friendly in order to reach to potential customers. Being able to attract visitors to your web site is very important if you want to be permanent in your market.

What are Portals?

A web portal presents information from diverse sources in a combined way. Portals are gateways into the Internet for many users. Web Portals put presence before millions of prospects in seconds. Internet Portal is used to market company, products and services to worldwide audience. The services that can be provided by the portals are e-mail, news, stock prices, infotainment and many more. An example of a web portal is www.yahoo.com. www.yahoo.com

What are the different types of Portal?

Web Searching Portals

Portal that gives instant result for your search. Example www.google.com, www.yahoo.com, www.aol.com etc. www.google.com

E-Commerce Portals

E-commerce or e-business portals facilitate the sharing of information to external partners, customers and suppliers. They usually have a business processing component, provide information on products and services and often include Supply Chain Management features. E-commerce portals aim to increase the relationship value at the same time lowering the cost. Example www.amazon.com www.amazon.com

Self-Service Portals

This type of portal allows employees, customers or suppliers to access information about themselves and to carry out certain business processes in a way that is suited to their own needs. Portals are usually justified in terms of removing variable cost from the business through self-service options. The employee self-service portal in relation to human resources or financial services has been started out in many companies. Example www.icicibank.com

Business Intelligence Portals

Business intelligence portals or decision portals assist users in their decision-making process. Business intelligence portals have built-in tools that provide targeted reports to end-user groups and individuals. Business intelligence portals are likely to cater to the needs of executives looking for top-level information relating to company performance; general employees requiring ad-hoc reports as well as those within the organization whose specific role is to mine and analyze data. Example www.googleanalytics.com

Enterprise Information/B2B/B2C Portals

The objective is a highly tailored, unique experience for every user. This is achieved by tying the various disparate legacy systems together and joining these to the business process. In this scenario multi-step processes are underpinned by complex workflows and business rules. Example www.answerable.com www.answerable.com

E-Learning/Knowledge Portals

E-Learning portals focus on guiding students in the broadest sense through a structured learning experience. E-learning portals test abilities and provide feedback to the student in a personalized and confidential manner. They may also interact with other systems and business processes to provide in-context training and help. Example TCS – E-Learning

Communication Portals

Communication portals aggregate various forms of messaging into a single place. Bringing together email, voice, mobile, web feeds etc in a way that allows access and control from multiple interfaces and locations at any time. The individual can then tailor this, choosing for example, to received and manage critical communications regardless of where they are or what type of device they have with them. Example www.gmail.com

Collaboration Portals

Collaboration portals enable a geographically dispersed workforce to interact around projects and business-as-usual tasks through a common access. Collaboration portals ensure that non-technical staff can administer the collaboration session, workgroup or site, including user set-up and creating online webpages, presentations etc. Collaboration portals offer generic tools such as chat, white boards and threaded discussion streams along with ways to share objects such as maps, documents. Example www.docs.google.com, www.jira.com Google Document


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