Graphic Designing

Your Corporate Identity is your face to the outside world. Corporate Identity is of utmost importance, as it is aligned with your business, positioning and vision. DnD provides a slew of corporate identity design services that include:

  • Logo design
  • Concept design
  • Stationary design
  • Digital identity design
  • Promotional design
  • These mind blowing designing concept are all possible through our Corporate Identity designing. DnD specializes in generating fresh innovative corporate designs and fresh creative corporate designs, which are not only corporate and professional in attitude but also in look and feel.

    User Interface Design

    DnD’s User Interface Design consulting services has been helping our clients manifold over the years. We consult for UID on:

  • Websites and web front-ends
  • Web applications and e-business
  • Mobile
  • PDAs and pocket PC interfaces
  • E-learning and LMS design
  • multimedia CDROMs/ DVDs
  • Software front-ends and presentation layers
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Tactile and products
  • We concentrate on specific aspects of your user interface designs, ensuring optimization on every possible factor, including Design Elements, Communication, Navigation and Usability aspects, Instructional design and Learning curve, Size optimization, Platform and Portability, Re-usability and Dynamism. User interface directly affects the performance of the solution behind. The right User interface can make or break a business, since the user interface is the “Front Face” of your business.

    Design Services The creative design services with innovative ideas and designs that DnD provides you, enables you to crush your competitors. Our designs simply “stand out” from the crowd. DnD has over the years, mastered design services into a process based system, which ensures higher quality control, creative design standards and on-time delivery of projects. Our 24 x 7 design services support team is always ready to assist you for any requirements. Be it Graphics, Print media, Digital media or Conceptual designs. DnD is the “One Stop Shop” in terms of Design Services.

    Photorealistic Imaging

    Computer Generated Images (CGI) has noticeably exploded onto the scene, and now welcoming a brand new era with the introduction of PIX!

    PIX is an unrivalled brand of CGI, uniquely offering a true photorealistic form of Computer Generated Images, Videos and 360’s. PIX is brought to you by Set Visions, which spreads over 25 years photography experience and have consistently proved to be one of the UK’s leading studios. Through our experience, Set Visions are best placed to take CGI to the next level of realism, manipulating, breaking ground and creating our own unique technical skills to develop PIX, the revolutionary brand of CGI. All this creative flair and technology blend PIX together, providing the perfect alternative to photography.

    PIX can save you both time and money on certain projects, saving from a range of your budgets and resources. PIX is a proven photorealistic form of CGI, appearing seamlessly alongside traditional photography and video in advertisements, brochures, catalogues, magazines and websites nationally and internationally. Add this versatility to import most existing 3D files, then PIX is very much ‘the’ image solution that you can’t afford to ignore! If you are looking for CGI stills, videos or 360’s… then PIX is your solution!

    Print Media

    DnD provides end-to-end Print Media solutions, ranging from conceptualization print media design to print design production. We align your corporate communication in print media to your existing branding, positioning, industry vertical and package it into a breath-taking print media creation. DnD has several corporate identities and print media packages, that makes print media design and print media production management hassle-free. We provide print media design services for corporate branding, brochures, product catalogues, display signs, innovative print media solutions, corporate profiles print media designs and much more.


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